Friday, March 21, 2008

Blog like a Winner

There is an article on NY Times today that appeals to my blogger ego. How do you get people to read what you write? There is so much "noise" out there that is near impossible to get eyes on the page, although there are some great tools out there, like Feedburner and Facebook that have worked well for me to publicize and analyze my traffic.

Some great tips on the New York Times article that I thought were really interesting:
1) Don't blog for takes tons of readers to make those pennies and nickels become a fat check.
2) Write about what you are passionate about (but I think this means you can't forget that you do have an audience)
3) Fit blogging into holes in your schedule--who would have thought, it's not something you add to your to do list, but when you have a gap between your to-dos?

It would be cool to get some comments from other bloggers on what has worked for them. This is one of those weird conversations that people have a lot because the internet is still so complex. A guy I met the other day said the Internet is the "modern unconsciousness."

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