Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We're Moving

I've finally succumbed to the URL recommendation that I've heard a number of times. As in, "Do you have your own URL?"
"Err...I have a blogspot URL."

Well, it's no longer going to be at blogspot because I'm importing to Wordpress soon.
You might even call it spring cleaning for blogs.

I decided Wordpress would be the best place for my blog because it has the ability to create additional pages. I could do things in HTML and the like, but it's much simpler to get content up when I want it rather than spend a lot of time developing HTML coding.

I also got some new business cards printed. Nothing much, just a 100 cards.

So change, here I come. *sigh* I will be a little bit sad to move away from this address but it will be easier to find me.

So come check out my new home at:
Update:I'm having trouble directing my DNS and my e-mail server to the same place, so please read:

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