Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Your Social Media Voice, Locally

I feel the need to tip my hat towards a former client, whose most recent project is in the social media space. He calls it Locavox or "Local Voice" and is currently serving Monterey, CA as well as a global, generic community.

While Locavox gives a nod to sites like Truemors and other social bookmarking sites like there is a bit of a twist that makes it really unique.

Locavox can also write their own articles or link to their own blogs about local events and the idea is to create an online community for people who live in the same area. It's a bit like how Facebook is able to create online networks or groups. But not only that, it the news that you posted appears the most newsworthy to the community in any given week, it will be published in print.

The print option should appeal to the retiree community in Monterey who can enjoy the news a second time. What do you think?

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