Monday, December 10, 2007

Why Newton isn't always right

Newton's law states that anything that is put into motion stays in motion (unless something else prevents it from being so).

I know, marketing is not physics but there is a word we use a lot in viral marketing called "momentum" which is supposed to keep the ball moving, as they say, on a product's development and enhance the buyer's desire to purchase your product over others.

For B2B marketers, this tends to be quite the challenge because business organizations, more than individuals, tend to prefer the products they already have over new products. It's more complicated for IT managers to implement a new system and train people on how to use it than it is to stick with the status quo.

We often hear about products catching fire and gaining popularity. Some recent products of note is the iPhone and well, the ever pervasive Facebook where the inherent notion is getting your friends to join. Someone I spoke to today pointed out to me that it is indeed true with B2C products, but B2B has its own challenges.

I think that this is where PR can play a larger role to create so much credibility and reputation around a product that if your competitors are using the applications, then you better get on the bandwagon.

More on Enterprise applications and why this is a different market than B2C internet culture: Of COURSE enterprise software should be sexy

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